To the Mom Reentering the Workforce: Motherhood is Valuable Work Experience

“Another career gap,” I thought as I judgingly placed the resume on the discard pile.


At the time, I was working part-time as a Human Resource (HR) Assistant while I got my MBA, fully expecting to climb that HR corporate ladder as soon as I graduated.

But then, life. Then a move, a kid, another move, another kid, another move, another kid . . . and so the story goes.

“I’ll just stay at home with my first baby while I finish getting my MBA.”

“I’ll go back to work once we find our place to settle down.”

“My starting salary couldn’t pay for daycare times three. I’ll go back once my third starts kindergarten.”

Let me be clear here: I don’t regret staying at home with my kids for one second.

I know how fortunate we are that staying at home with the kids is even a possibility and truly believe being home these past nine years has infinitely more value than lines on the resume.

Maybe you’re there, too. Maybe the desire to go back to work has been prodding you stronger and stronger, but you cringe as you think about polishing off the dusty resume you haven’t touched for years.

I hear you, sister. I hear your self-doubt making you hesitate more and more as time passes, thinking you have anything to bring to the corporate table.

But I also want you to hear this . . . “

Honored to share what I’ve learned in my back-to-work quest with Her View From Home this week. Read the rest of the post here

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