Let’s Do Suffering Better Booklet



“How have you stopped being defined by your suffering? What has helped you switch gears and behold the new things God is doing today?

Why do you find it hard to be your authentic, messy self? What has helped you be more content in your skin?”

Three weeks after getting engaged, I was T-boned by a Mack truck and nearly lost my life. My face was partially paralyzed, my dominant hand impaired by a stroke, and I lost the hearing in my right ear. My life forever changed that morning. As I recovered, these are questions I fought to answer which are weaved into this book.

‘Let’s Do Suffering Better’ is a compilation of my best blog pieces into a book offering ways we can do life – beauty, hope, redemption, etc. – better during hard seasons. It offers these questions and more, providing space to journal or discuss as you do the same.

Whatever you’re walking through, He is with you.

-Exodus 14:14-

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