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“As I walked down the aisle, it was a beautiful celebration and a great reminder that God makes even our hardest parts – the darkest parts of our story – new.”

There were days I was so angry with His will I wanted to punch a wall. But there were also days of being buoyed up by cards, meals, and prayers from our people. God uses all of it. Every single part of your story can be used for good. It was an honor to share mine with the Busted Halo show.


The Omaha World-Herald – “How an all-women retreat opened my eyes to showing up, trying new things in life”

“Don’t let the fear of not fitting in keep you from   showing up. Own your story, reach out to the edge of the room and find common ground.

By seeing the person before the difference, we teach our children that there really is always more room at the table.”

I was honored to share what I took away from a retreat with 84 strangers in this piece for the World-Herald.


Go Forth With Heaver & Becky Podcast – “Love Never Fails”

Three weeks after getting engaged, I was T-boned by a Mack Truck and Brad was told I likely woudn’t survive.

In this podcast, I share my story of surviving that horrific car accident. We discuss my recovery, the unfailing love of God, and how Brad chose faithfulness before we said, “I Do”.

While You Were Folding Podcast – “When Your Spouse Travels”

My husband travels often with his job. While dating long-distance and work travel have always been a part of our story, adding three girls to the equation has made the logistics a bit more complicated.

In this podcast, we talk about how I make my life simpler, discipline, things saving my life, and making friendship a priority while Brad travels.

Constantly Under Construction Podcast – “Finding Thankfulness in the Middle of Hardship”

We have a choice in the hard times. We can be bitter and wallow or choose to day-by-day, moment-by-moment give it to Him. How do we endure a season of loss and bitterness and come out on the other side giving thanks?

This accident altered my life significantly, taking away the use of my hand, paralyzing one side of my face and leaving one ear deaf. In this podcast, I talk about the lessons on thankfulness I learned as I recovered and the pursuit of joy, even in the small things. I also touch on when I gave birth to Ella in the front seat of our car!

Guest Blogs

The Catholic Woman

“You Need Only Be Still”

“We haven’t all fled Pharaoh, but we have stories of our own. Instead of chariots, you may have been bullied. Instead of a ruthless ruler, you may have faced a tough upbringing. Instead of famine, you may have faced job loss. When we look back, though, we see how He has carried us to where we are; how He has fought…”

Her View From Home 

“I’m Mothering With a Handicap, But It’a Not a Weakness”

“My daughter is the last one on the dance floor after the tap shoe change because laces are a struggle. Until they learn how – their hair is never going to look cutesy in school or family pictures. My handwriting will never be what it was. But I am still smart. But I am still capable. But I am still beautiful. But I am still their mom…”

Blessed Is She

“Check Yes or No: Courageously Building Your Community”

“I tried to not get too worked up about what it would look like if no one showed up, but thinking about what a thirty-year-old sitting in her driveway at her failed lemonade stand would look like was not a pretty picture…”

“When Your Faith is Lukewarm”

“Many of us have had the moment, year, or retreat where we just felt it; felt Him. Most of our life, though, this isn’t what faith looks like. Most of our life our faith doesn’t feel on fire.

Every relationship goes through seasons. I love all of my kids the same, but they’re at very different seasons of parenting. Our relationship with God is no different. Every season He may speak to us different, work differently, care for us differently. But His love remains the same. We just have to let Him…”


“Raising Kids To Know That Faith Is More Than A Class”

“If faith is simply something kids hear about in second period and CCD, they will never understand the beauty, depth and gift of knowing Jesus.

Regardless of how we were raised or what type of classes we took, none of us have God completely figured out. Maybe having the humility to continue to know Him better as a grown adult is one of the best ways to show our kids that faith is more than a class or retreat high — that it’s a constant quest to know Him better so that we can continue be transformed…”.

How I Took On A Mack Truck And Won”

“In 2008, I was a FOCUS missionary in Lincoln, Nebraska, and life was going according to plan. On November 14 of that year, my boyfriend Brad got down on one knee, told me he loved me and that he thought I could help him get to heaven.

But, then suddenly, everything changed. God hasn’t forgotten the beautiful plans He’s made for your life, even if the journey looks different than you anticipated. Here are the things that helped me to trust in God’s will over mine…”

“How To See God When He Feels Invisible”

“We all have days like Judas. Days when we doubt. Days when we wish God would appear to us in a burning bush like He did to Moses or let us hear His voice to make believing in Him easier– unquestionable even.

Faith is a choice. A choice to see Him in all of our little moments. A choice to not ignore His work in our lives, in the mud. Sometimes Christ can simply shake our hands…”

Read Your Way Home

“The Well-Behaved Child; DISCIPLINE THAT REALLY WORKS” Book Review Series

Parents today are stressed far greater than any other time in America. In ‘The Well Behaved Child’, John Rosemond argues that by choosing compelling consequences for our children’s misbehavior, i.e. greater than time out or losing a toy for a day, we make them an offer that they can’t refuse.

This book has revolutionized the way we discipline which has greatly diminished my parenthood stress level. Check out my book review series for a simple question to ask yourself before giving an instruction to your kids, how you can use his tools to take yourself out of the discipline equation and put the responsibility for solving the misbehavior on the children’s shoulders, and why calling fouls consistently when we discipline brings greater certainty into our children’s lives.

“Parenting with Love & Logic” Book Review Series

Many kids arrive at their challenging and life-threatening teenage years with no clue as to how to make decisions. In “Parenting with Love & Logic,” Foster Cline, M.D. and Jim Fay argue that many self-destructive decisions teenagers make are because they are the first real decisions they’ve ever made.

By being helicopter or drill sergeant parents, they argue we fail to equip our kids to think for themselves. Check out my book review series to learn the third type of parenting they propose to move our kids from total dependence on us to independence, how to offer choices to prepare our kids for a lifetime of decision making after they leave home, and how showing empathy when our kid’s unwise decisions result in consequences is a recipe for success.


700 Club Segment

Brad, our priest, and I were honored to share our story with The 700 Club. We reflected on all of the mountains that He moved for us as I recovered through the power of prayer.

“Today, almost 10 years later, Ashley and Brad enjoy their time with their three little girls. Time they know they might not have without the power of prayer. Ashley said, ‘If it weren’t for those prayers and those comments and that encouragement I wouldn’t be where I am today.’…”

Remembering what He’s done is one of the best ways to trust what He’s doing. Check out the piece to hear more.


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