Hey! My name is Ashley and I’m so glad you found my site!

I was born near Philadelphia, PA, raised just outside Knoxville, TN and graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2007 with a Business Administration degree. In college, I played soccer and served as a Resident Assistant where I met my husband, Brad. My Senior year, I converted to the Catholic faith and joined staff with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), serving at Benedictine College and the University of Nebraska- Lincoln (UNL).

Three weeks after getting engaged while driving to a FOCUS retreat, I was in a very serious car accident that almost took my life. After a year battling through Intensive Care Units and therapy while my fiancé Brad faithfully supported me, we decided to get married on the year anniversary of the accident. We wanted to remember the day as the happiest, rather than the saddest, day in our lives.

Mountains Unmoved was inspired by the most common question I got during and after my recovery: “How could a good God let this happen? Were you ever angry at Him?” Sometimes God’s presence feels invisible, especially when our life feels a mess. This ministry seeks to see the good, to try and behold Him, even if our prayers seem to go unanswered and mountains are left unmoved.

Since our wedding, I have gotten my MBA, started our beautiful family, and furthered this ministry. We have been married for eight years and have three amazing children – Ella (7), Rachel (6), and Emily (3). My husband works in politics and we live in Lincoln, NE.

I have shared my message at FOCUS events, Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) meetings, Godteens retreats, Theology on Tap, Church, Women, Moms, and Bible study groups, the ‘Go Forth With Heather and Becky’ Podcast, the Son Rise Morning Show, The Busted Halo Sirius XM Show, and a Magnificat event. I have also been featured in the Catholic News Agency.

I look forward to connecting with you on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and would love to hear more of your story!

I hope you enjoy the site and you remain in my prayers.

Ashley’s Official Biography

Ashley Stevens is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) where she played soccer, worked as a Resident Assistant (RA) and joined the Church. After graduation, she worked as a Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) Missionary at Benedictine College and UNL, inviting and equipping college students to grow in and share their faith.

Three weeks after getting engaged while driving to a FOCUS retreat, she was T-boned by a Mack truck and nearly lost her life. Following a year of intensive care units and therapy, Ashley and her fiancé got married on the year anniversary of the accident to redeem the day. Since then, she has gotten her MBA from UNL, started her family, and currently writes and speaks for the Mountains Unmoved ministry.

Ashley resides with her husband, Brad Stevens, and their children: Ella, Rachel, and Emily in Lincoln. Find out more about her at mountainsunmoved.com


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  1. Martha Sue Pritchard says:

    I join you from the most NW corner of NC in the mountains where I am happily engaged with family including 5 fabulous Grandchildren.
    I am able through God’s goodness and Grace to be part of a wonderful Catholic parish at St Francis of Assisi .
    Today I share a prayer for the soul of the young man who is responsible for 17 deaths. May Our Lady enter his darkness with Her Son to bring hope to the many witnesses .
    Richly and dearly Blessed.

  2. Esther says:

    Hi Ashely, my daughter suffered a TBI three weeks ago. Do you have your year long journey written anywhere (caringbridge) for me to read?

  3. intricatebeginnings says:

    Allow me a brief courtesy call today, dear friend. This is Selma, owner of intricaciesandfollies .com. Through this website, I have been following yours, but intricaciesandfollies is no longer working for me. Therefore, this is a courtesy call to let you know I will be unfollowing you from here and I want to invite you over to my new website: https://selmawrites.com from which I will be following. Also, if you decide to honor me with a follow there, I have a free story for you when you join my newsletter. Nice, huh?!
    See, I told you it’d be brief… *wink*
    I hope to see you there. Thanks. Be well. Selma.

    • Carolyn says:

      I just had the pleasure of watching your video…you are an amazingly, beautiful, incredible women! Thank you for sharing your story. You’re truly an inspiration! Wishing you continued blessings for the rest of your journey…. may you find more pearls. Gratefully~ Carolyn

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