Remembering Him When Life Hits the Fan

People fall away from their faith for many different reasons – moving away from home, lack of community, sin, peer or family pressure, apathy, and most often when life seems to be hitting the fan. In this presentation, Ashley draws parallels between the Israelites in Exodus and our lives and offers tools to fight the fear of suffering and instead remember how God has fought for us in the past to have hope that He is, that He will. 

*This talk can be given as a stand-alone talk or over a series of up to four talks in a conference or retreat setting.

“Ashley moved us all to tears as she beautifully weaved Jesus into so many parts of her story. We were all inspired to rely more fully on God, even in the very hard times.”
Rhonda Litt – Magnificat

“Ashley’s story powerfully resonated how the love of the Father can carry us, even when you think God is absent. Her faith and spirit of surrender inspired us all, ‘If she can do it, maybe I can too…’”
Patty Marmie – Women’s Group


For Better or For Worse

Finding true, faithful relationships has sadly become the exception to the norm. In this talk, Ashley covers why commitment is so attacked, how to truly evaluate your relationship to discern the next step, and how matrimonial faithfulness is such a beautiful reminder of our worth.

“We were inspired by the role Ashley’s fiancée played in bringing hope and unfailing love to a tragic situation. Anyone who has experienced the cross in their relationships will be inspired by Ashley’s story!”
Becky Deaver – Go Forth With Heather and Becky Podcast

“Ashley’s story spoke to the power of family and of a true, self-sacrificing love. All college students, newlyweds, and marriage retreats need to hear it.”
Natalie Gifford – Mom’s Group

imagesStanding With the Suffering

Despite 24/7 media onslaught, the lack of being present, comparison, and auto-pilot living lead to many of us feeling alone. In this talk, Ashley shares the incredible importance of community and offers ways to better support those suffering alongside us.

“Ashley’s story is a powerful witness to charity, hope and the unity of Christ’s body. When Ashley was suffering, all the members suffered with her, reminding her that our value as children of God does not diminish because of hardship.”
Bishop James Conley – Bishop of Lincoln

“Our Godteens were inspired by Ashley’s talk on ways to lift each other up and that reaching out and sharing their faith isn’t as scary as it seems.”
Fr. Eric Clark – GodTeens Retreat

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