In Dark Times, God Reminds Us: No Shadow Lasts Forever via Ashley Stevens at Mountains Unmoved, Trusting God In The Storm

Trusting God In The Storm

There’s a hope—a peace in the storm—we find by looking at how God’s carried us through dark seasons, allowing us to trust no matter how bad things are right now, joy is on the way.

Why Do We Wait To Go To Jesus?

Whether it's quarantine barriers, not fully trusting He can help, being overwhelmed by distractions, crippled by fear, or unwilling to release control, why do we wait to take our fears, doubts, worries, and control to Him? Our God is longing to hear our voice, for us to trust him with our fears and with our hearts...

Random act of kindness, sharing bowl of tomatoes via Ashley Stevens at Mountains Unmoved

In Everything, Kindness

Stepping outside ourselves - lifting each other up, offering a helping hand, a virtual shoulder to cry on - reminds us we're all in this together.

Ashley Stevens of Mountains Unmoved playing with daughters at Barbie dollhouse

What If We Met Our People Where They’re At?

What if we met people where they're at rather than where we want them to be? What if we used this time of being home with our family, this time of putting schedules and pickups and activities on hold, to really learn each other better?

Why Little-by-Little Progress Matters

What if we celebrated each drawer we organized, closet we rearranged, and tote we took to Goodwill? I don't expect my toddlers to learn to tie their shoes the first time they try. Why don't I approach my goals with the same forgiving standards?

Is Your ‘Why’ Strong Enough?

God, you put this desire on my heart. You gave me a powerful story to share. I have spent so much time and money trying to make this happen. Was I wrong about this dream?” But then, you guys. There’s always a but then