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This Winter Could Be Long, But We’ll Get Through it Together

Mommy, why isn’t anyone outside?” my 7-year-old asked as she walked through the garage door—and I felt every part of it.

This happens every year, of course, when late fall hits. But this year it feels different. Ominous, really.

Other winter activities we usually replace outdoor play with – the children’s museum, kid’s basketball games, holiday parties, etc. – may be non-existent as we err on the side of safety.

Those awkward Zoom calls with everyone interrupting each other and saying, “No you go first!” will assuredly return and, if spring was any indication, they won’t measure up—and I’m worried.

I’m worried about my kids’ mental health. I’m worried about mine.


One thing 2020 has reminded me, though, is that we are resilient people.

We’ve adapted. We’ve pivoted.

And that’s why I’m choosing hope.

Just as we have over the past warm nine months, we’ll creatively adjust to the next colder three…
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This Winter Could Be Long, But We'll Get Through It Together - Ashley Stevens Article at Her View From Home

We’re all in this together, friends. ❤️ What are you doing to creatively gather this winter?