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Why Your Strengths May Be The Best Place To Connect With Your Kids

Do you have a hard time connecting with one of your kids? I sure do.

None of us are carbon copies of our kids, but some are wired SO differently it’s hard to find a good way to meet them where they’re at.

Their personalities? Polar opposite.
The way they react to things not going their way? Couldn’t be more different. Even their love languages are on a completely separate wavelength.


One of my kids definitely fits this mold. Don’t get me wrong she’s an amazing kid, but because our way of approaching life is on opposite ends of the spectrum, we butt heads often. I mean OFTEN.

My husband thinks it’s because we’re wired the same – he’s wrong lol. I’ve tried doing things to better connect – coaching her team, inviting her friends over, doing 1-on-1 dates, etc, – but it seems like we’re two ships in the night, passing each other’s temperament no matter how hard we try.

How do you connect with kids you don’t get?
How do you meet them where they’re at when it’s so far from where you are?

Rather than trying to meet her where she is at, which hasn’t seemed to work, here’s why this week I decided to invite her into where I am.

“God, how do I connect with my kids?”

In a heart-to-heart with Jesus, I asked Him how I best connect with people and the way that kept coming up is in studying the Bible.

“But, Lord,” I said with the snark He’s become well acquainted to, “I’ve tried to force at home VBS and kid’s Easter crafts again and again and they ALWAYS end up in someone screaming or going to their room.”

“Don’t try to force it,” he gently retorted, “with printouts and what the Pinterest moms are doing. Do what YOU want to do and invite her there.”

Gah. I see you, Jesus. I ordered these parent and kid Advent reflection devotional, Maranatha: The Story of Our Savior,  immediately. Each week, we’ll read a Scripture passage, some reflections, and have some questions to journal with. I’m all kinds of excited.

Connect With Your Kids By Doing Something You’re Good At & Enjoy

If it weren’t for the pandemic, I’d likely be going through the adult journal with my bible study group. I love fellowship over Scripture. Absolutely love it. I’ve led many Bible studies in the past and nothing makes me more passionate than seeing and sharing God’s love in his Word.

Rather than trying to force connection over things that I, quite simply, don’t enjoy, why wouldn’t I meet my kid here? This is one of my strengths, one of my passions, and I am going to invite my hard to connect with kid all up in it.

Your strengths may be very different – hiking, crafting, etc. – but inviting your kids into your strength will feel a lot more natural than trying to meet them anywhere else.

Sending prayers for patience and grace to parents trying to connect with their kids everywhere right now. You’re all rocking it. If you’d like to join us for weekly parent/kid Advent reflections (even if it’s not a strength!), it’s not too late to order!

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Drop your email in a comment or message if you ordered and I’ll send weekly parent/kid reflections you’re way. 🙂 Whatever your gifts, don’t be afraid to use them and invite those you love into them.

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