There Is Only Grace

On those days you’re ashamed of what you’ve done,
If you don’t feel good enough or holy enough,
When you let your friends or your spouse or yourself down,
If you’re afraid you’ll never be what you used to be,
If you doubt God’s goodness or love,
When you fall over and over and over again in the same way,
Or if you’re waiting or looking for a sign and begging God to show up in a hard situation,

There is ALWAYS grace. Click To Tweet

I was honored to share this talk and three others – Having Hope in a Faithful God, Trusting in God’s Will, & Bringing Our Wounds to Christ – in an online Lenten Retreat up today.

The retreat includes 19 talks with a printable study guide, reflective questions, and prayers to accompany the presentation, along with transcripts of all the presentations. And, here’s the best part, you can participate at your own pace.

Sign up here if you’re interested in joining the retreat with me this Lent.

Ashley Stevens at Mountains Unmoved Lent Ash Wednesday ashes on forehead

As we mark our foreheads with ashes today and prepare our hearts to remember the Lord’s Passion, Death and redeeming Resurrection this Lent, I want to leave you with this:

In God’s eyes, there is only love and nothing you’ve ever done, do, or will do can change that.

Jesus Christ died for you, but please don’t ever forget Jesus Christ rose for you too.

“We rise again from the ashes, from the good we’ve failed to do.
We rise again from the ashes, to create ourselves anew.” 🎵

How can I pray for you as you prepare your hearts for the Lord this season?