Sometimes You Have To Find And Re-Find Your People – And Guess What? It’s Hard

I’m learning to adjust to life after.

Life after college, after babies, after a deaf ear.

This happens to all of us, in some ways.

We leave HIGH SCHOOL where friendship is easy as we see each other 24/7 and have to learn the intimidating game of introducing ourselves to perfect strangers in our college dorms, classes, etc.

We master that and then everyone up and gets married and we have to learn how to schedule dinners and hangouts like they’re work meetings and acquaint with the awkward, “What’s new?” for the first 15 minutes.

Then we have kids and go all newborn survival turtle and when we come up for air it feels everyone has either moved or gotten close to someone else and we’re a 30-something puppy just wanting someone to play with them.


Maybe that’s just me, but my gut tells me we can all relate to the struggle of relearning how to find your people at different stages of life

In the process, I’ve doubted myself. I’ve felt left out. I’ve regretted things I said or didn’t say. But I’ve also learned a heck of a lot and found my confidence I pray holds strong until I’m in the nursing home hosting Shirley Temple happy hours on the reg.

I was honored to share a few truths I’ve realized about finding your people in different stages of life with Filter Free Parents:

1. Small talk is awkward for everyone.

Seriously everyone.

The high schooler trying to connect with the cool crowd. The employee clueless about the inside jokes shared over happy hour. The neighbor who remembers she told the same story for the third time and that must be why the subject was immediately deflected. #menotme

Ugg. The important thing is to remember everyone you’re talking to is a pile of insecurities. Don’t go all pity party, “I’m the only one” on us. No one wants that.

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Sometimes You Have To Find And Re-Find Your People – And Guess What? It’s Hard