Sometimes We Spend Our Quality Time Apart

After we put our kids to bed, we used to watch House Hunters while mindlessly scrolling our phones. And it drove me crazy. 

Life is exhausting. Kids are exhausting.

I get that.

study found nearly 13% of parents have experienced “high burnout” and I feel every part of that.


Recently, we had a playdate, coached a soccer game, went to a birthday party, hosted for the football game, attended our church’s fall festival, and had dinner at a friend’s house. Sprinkled in between was whining and complaints, baking cake for the festival, homework assignments, and meal shopping and prepping.

On weekdays, my husband adds regular work trips and some 10-hour days to the mix. After the kids are in bed, needless to say, our energy is completely wrung out.

Still, despite the exhaustion, I felt a little slighted when we checked out at night rather than playing a game or chatting over eye contact.

Ten years in, though, I’m coming to realize how much we both just need to chill and recharge after exhausting days in our own ways.

By doing our own things at night and keeping up with the things we love, we could better be the people we were when we got married.

Honored to share these words on a post for Her View From Home this week. Find more on why, “Changing my mindset about the after-bedtime routine having to be our peak QT hours has done wonders,” in the full article here.

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