What To Do With A Lukewarm Faith

She’s just a girl, and she’s on fire.” –Alicia Keys

Many of us have had the moment, the year, or the retreat when we just felt it. Felt Him.

It might have been an amazing Bible study, devout friend, retreat, or strong upbringing. Most of us have experienced a time or season in our conversion when we were consumed, overwhelmed even, by how deep and infinite His love is for us.

These touches with His grace are a true gift. When we are held by Him in hard times, see Him work miracles, hear Him speak to us so clearly, or feel Him guide us, we are inspired to go forth, to take off our bushel, and to let our light shine.

During most of our life, though, this isn’t what faith looks like. Most of the time, our faith doesn’t feel on fire.

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