Mother Teresa Said Love People Anyway (Even in 2020)

You will never look into the eyes of someone who God doesn’t love.


Absolutely never.

Regardless of who you vote for, what faith you hold dear, or how you choose to raise your kids, people are people are people.

In this mess of a year we find ourselves in, it seems that basic kindergarten skill is something we’ve forgotten.

But what if we stopped letting other people’s opinions or differences make us feel we have to get the last word in; make us question our worth?

What if instead of drawing lines in the sand we showered mercy and kindness, sincerity and grit, goodness and joy to each and every person we encountered?

Honored to share these words weighing on my heart this week with Her View From Home. If you need to hear them as much as I do, read the rest here:

Mother Teresa Love People Anyway - Ashley Stevens from Mountains Unmoved on Her View From Home On Election 2020

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