Faith, Suffering

How to See God When He Feels Invisible

We all have days like Judas. Days when we doubt. Days when we wish God would appear to us in a burning bush like He did to Moses or let us hear His voice to make believing in Him easier– unquestionable even.

We can see God working in our lives, but we limit Him to our explanations. We think the only way He’s working is if there is absolutely no explanation of what came about and ignore His presence in the mundane.

Even Jesus used an ordinary hammer and saw for two-thirds of His life before His ministry began.

Likewise, when you look at the way that Christ worked, you see He used regular earthly grit – loaves, fish, and mud – rather than magical unicorns appearing out of nowhere to heal and save the day.

Faith is a choice. A choice to see Him in all of our little moments. A choice to not ignore His work in our lives, in our mud.

How do we trust that He’s still there when our life feels a mess? Read the rest over at FOCUS.