Dear Younger Me: A Letter to My Youngest

Dear younger me, your eyes are going to get us in TROUBLE.

I can’t tell you how many conversations have been started by complete strangers about those beauties. This summer, a lady at the pool said, “her eyelashes are beautiful!” We proceeded to talk, exchanged numbers, and are now in a class at the gym together. I mean, dang.

Emily Michelle, we first met you the day before daddy’s birthday and there was no sweeter gift to your dad and me.


You were our most textbook delivery, in that you weren’t born in a car and didn’t take two full days to get here, but there is nothing textbook about you. You wear your heart on your sleeve and love everyone with everything that you are.

I know it’s hard being two. To be figuring out the world and why everything is the way it is, learning that not everything is yours, and feeling like you don’t get to do what your older sisters do. I see you frustrated to be seen, understood, and find who you are.

But, little Emily, I see you.

And I see happiness. I see the girl that is always an easy smile. That lights up when playing with her sisters or chasing us around making your monster noise. The girl that chooses giggles before tears and has the sweetest little laugh I’ve ever heard

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Sweet picture by Toni Pohlen

I see affection. I see the girl that’s teaching me to step outside of my non-touchy feely love language. The girl who demands to be kissed on the mouth at bedtime and grabs me by both cheeks to give me no other choice. The girl that wraps her arm around my neck with the sweetest hugs as we rock before naps and bed.


Little Emily, I hear you.

I hear the girl that says, “Hi!!” to EVERYONE when you walk in the room and, “Bye!!” with your cute wave on the way out. Even if we’re pulling through a drive-thru, you are always our little extrovert. You would be the sweetest Walmart greeter ever.

I hear you say, “Thank you!!” to every house you trick-or-treat at, which leads you getting another candy. Thanks for bringing home all the Reeses, girl.


Little Emily, you have swag.

Not your older sister’s swag, but your unique swag. Your unique sweetness that takes care of Grover and Minney Mouse with her whole heart.


Your unique interests that involve taking care of all the babies and dressing up as princesses. That will likely get our future budget in trouble…


Your unique fearlessness that gets on the gymnastics bar for the first time ever and gives the, “I’ve done this my whole life” face.


I have absolutely loved taking you to gymnastics and seeing how much joy being at, “Emmy’s thing,” brings you.

I can’t wait to see what else brings you joy.

I love you, little Emily. Thank you for your sweet heart. The world needs your joy. The world needs your giggles.

Don’t let it ever tell you otherwise.

Love, Mom