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Be the Kind of Woman Who Knows Who She Is—And Own It

“I’ve heard about you.” someone said as they introduced themselves…oh boy. That could go so many ways.

“I’ve heard about you…
you’re cool, fun, a mess,
you go with the flow,
try too hard,
go too deep, etc., etc…”

Whatever they had heard, I get it. Some days I give off a vibe.

Neighbors may see me as the odd girl who drove her daughter’s Barbie pink Cadillac four-wheeler around the block with her little ones strapped in because you have to live a little.

Friends may think I need to tame down the “let’s go deep every talk” vibe I put off some days.

People may see the Super Bowl parties with a score guessing poster and prizes as a bit much, but how the heck else are we gonna care about NFL teams we never watch?


Still, while I’ve always been perhaps overly comfortable with being authentic, getting tagged made me feel like I should reel in who I was. 

It made me feel like I should second guess which of my cards I showed to whom, which was a very new thought to me.

I’m guessing you’ve been there. Hey, we were all there in middle school when snide comments and side-eyes from the in-crowd made us speak softer and walk slower. 

But being tagged as a grown adult is a whole different story…”

Read more on how and why I’m learning to own who I am with fervor in the rest of my post here:

What keeps you from finding and owning who you are? What has helped you be more authentic? I’d love to hear from you!